Scope of Digital Marketing in Kerala

‘The first step to delighting your customers is being there when they need you’, said Ron
Kaufman. The customers today are now on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and youtube and
digital marketing paves the way to connect with them.
Digital marketing, in simple terms, is marketing goods and services using digital channels.
With internet revolution, smart phones, data and smart devices have become affordable
and has leveraged mass use in India.
Artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising, chatbots, personalization and
conversational advertising, and micro-minutes are all examples of how the advanced
business keeps moving forward. As a result, if you want to succeed in this industry, you
must rejuvenate yourself and your team. Businesses in the country are becoming digitally
aware, and realising the potential of digital marketing. Therefore, many of them are
investing in digital marketing to have a strong online presence and sell their product and
services to potential customers.

Digital Marketing has recorded significant growth in the past few years. It has grown rapidly
in India where the internet penetration is about 44% which is very high. According to a
Goldman Sachs research, the future scope of Digital Marketing in the Indian Internet
business would be valued US$160 billion by 2025, more than triple its present value. That
makes us aware of the scope of Digital Marketing in India and Digital Marketing as an in-
demand job.
The digital marketing trends in Kerala has seen a steep upward trend in the past few years.
As per the recent verdict by High court of Kerala, Right to Internet is a fundamental freedom
and a part of Right to education for mankind. The people across Kerala irrespective of age,
sex and region has unanimously accepted online transactions as safe and secure mode. You
cannot be surprised if your 5 year old son search for study materials on Byjus and your 70
year old grand mother order saree online from Pothy’s. The online shopping is not just
limited to Amazon and Myntra. Almost all the stores are now online and you can shop from
Lulu hypermarket and also the next door vendor. The surge in the number of startups and
small businesses demand digital marketing irrespective of the niche and size of market. Each
brand strive to showcase their product as the best and efficient digital marketing is the only
way to win the race in this tech savvy world.
Many industries saw a fluctuating a fluctuating trend in the past two years with the world
struggling in the clutches of pandemic. But the internet penetration and growth in digital
marketing industry saw a very high leap even in Kerala. The pandemic infact started a digital
revolution which is here to stay. Education, jobs, shopping, food, medicines, movies-
everything is now online and available 24/7.From entry players to MNCs, businesses are
now focusing on digital marketing more than ever.
Digital marketing domain has seen a huge jump in the number of job opportunities with the
promotion of Digital India. is now in Golden Period of Digital revolution. Every company is
looking for candidates who are skilled in handling digital marketing jobs.

There are innumerable job opportunities in various segments of social media marketing like
SEO analyst, social media expert, PPC executive, Content writer, email marketer and a lot
more. With growing number of e commerce sites, there is a huge demand to roll out
campaigns through digital channels and this can be executed only by well-trained digital
marketing professionals. If you are not a fan of 9 to 5 jobs then you can be a freelancer and
earn online by creating websites and apps, content marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer
marketing, blogging and work from the comfort of your home.
Anyone can learn digital marketing. Age and educational qualification is not a barrier. If you
have basic computer skills and aptitude anyone can master digital marketing skills at any
Digital marketing has become one of the most highly paid jobs in Kerala. With a huge
demand for various specialists in different segments of digital marketing, the salary and
increment in the field is very high.
The certification courses in digital marketing from reputed institutes will help students to
hone their skills in digital marketing so that they can be job ready with additional
qualification by the time they graduate.
The growth of digital marketing has been immense over the past few years. Pandemic saw
people adapting to online shopping and transactions and it has become the new normal
.The population across the world is now connected online and hence the future is bright and
secure for digital marketers.

Sameeth S Raj, CMD Samecart Pvt. Ltd