Free Digital Marketing Certifications

Free Digital Marketing Certifications that you need before applying for job in 2021

Free Digital Marketing Certifications

Online Marketing is an energizing field loaded up with capable specialists who strive to keep steady over the opposition.

HR Managers of IT companies and organizations currently search for up-and-comers who are in the know regarding the most  recent patterns, strategies, and news. On the off chance that you are attempting to get your foot in the advanced promoting entryway and not having any karma, it’s most likely because of an absence of applicable aptitudes on your resume.

As an online advertising organization working with customers the nation over, we depend on first rate ability to continue pushing ahead. Our experience shows that resumes with minimal effort, yet definitive affirmations assist applicants with hanging out in 2021.

With a large number of courses and affirmations all asserting similar advantages, it is practically difficult to track down the program that works best for you. That is the reason we chose to assemble a rundown of the best courses and testament programs that produce genuine outcomes.

Here’s our list of top Digital Marketing Certifications that will sharpen your digital Skills in 2021

1) Google Analytics IQ Certification

As an aspiring digital marketer, you’ll soon learn that all facets of digital marketing revolve around Google in one way or another.

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate displays to potential employers a working proficiency in Google Analytics for those that pass the final assessment of 70 questions.

We suggest completing the course before applying to jobs as it is a recommended skillset for all facets of marketing.

Url: Create a Google Analytics Academy profile to start. Google Analytics IQ exam is free of charge and available at Skillshop.
Cost: Free
Duration: 4-6 hours

2) Google Ads Certification

A strong Google Ads campaign can make or break your marketing plan. Most importantly, advertising on Google generates quick results for business looking to boost ROI.

To pass the program, you are tested on your basic and advanced knowledge of Google Ads. You need to comprehend concepts like the value proposition of online advertising, campaign setup and management, measurement, and optimization.

Your certification is complete when you pass the Google Ads Fundamentals assessment and one of the additional advertising product assessments. As another requirement, you must score 80% or higher to pass.

The additional assessments include Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising, and are available through Academy for Ads.

Demonstrate your capacity to offer successful display advertising to satisfy particular marketing objectives to get a Google Ads Display Certification. Complete the diagnostic evaluation to prepare for certification, or go ahead and be certified.

Improve your understanding of Google Ads Search campaigns to get a Google Ads Search Certification. Complete the diagnostic evaluation to prepare for certification, or go ahead and be certified.

Sharpen your ability to monitor and optimise Google Ads campaign performance to get a Google Ads – Measurement Certification. Complete the diagnostic evaluation to prepare for certification, or go ahead and be certified.

Show your ability to get results from YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions to get a Google Ads Video Certification. Complete the diagnostic evaluation to prepare for certification, or go ahead and be certified.

Prove your ability to connect items with buyers throughout their purchasing experience to earn a Shopping Ads Certification. Complete the diagnostic evaluation to prepare for certification, or go ahead and be certified.

Show your ability to design and optimise App campaigns to fulfil particular marketing objectives to get a Google Ads Apps Certification. Complete the diagnostic evaluation to prepare for certification, or go ahead and be certified.

Url: Google ads certification
Cost: Free
Duration: 4-6 hours

3) HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Content remains a core tenant of digital marketing, and recruiters look for job candidates who possess proficient writing and communication skills.

The HubSpot Content Marketing Certification covers 12 separate categories that will keep you up to date on best practices and research. This makes the program perfect for aspiring content marketers who want to understand the importance of content marketing and help companies boost marketing ROI.

HubSpot boasts various programs across the digital marketing spectrum and the best part of all is they’re free. The only thing holding you back is you!

UrlHubSpot Academy
Cost: Free
Duration: 4 hours

4) Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification

Google’s Digital Garage offers free tutorials on just about every digital marketing concept you can think of.

If you could only pick one certification program it would be Google’s Digital Garage with its wide range of courses.

The training modules are perfect for those looking to learn all of the basics in one place. Topics run from analytics and data insights to display advertising.

Beginners looking to learn the essential core concepts of digital marketing and marketers that want to refresh fundamental skills will love the interactive layout and design of the courses.

Marketing agencies like Brandastic value certifications from credible platforms like Google when it comes to hiring for job positions. If you’re unsure of where to begin with your digital marketing training, then Digital Garage is the answer.

UrlGoogle Digital Garage
Cost: Free
Duration: varied

5) YouTube Certification

80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, and the trend is here to stay.

Video is the most efficient and engaging form of content. The ability to form a comprehensive video content strategy is a highly sought after job skill in 2019 and beyond.

If you didn’t already know, YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google of course, and a certification from the platform brings instant credibility.

According to YouTube, the Certified Program is committed to educating all creators and users on the platform. Tutorials provide you with the latest best practices as well as advanced industry-level knowledge. There are three separate courses to choose from, including channel growth, content ownership, and asset monetization.

Certifications are only available for qualified YouTube and Google Advertising partners. Once eligibility requirements are met, and you are accepted into YouTube Certified, you can go ahead and complete the program.

Cost: Free
Duration: varies

6) HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Here we have yet another essential certification from the folks over at HubSpot.

Inbound marketing is a methodology designed to draw visitors and potential customers in, rather than just pushing a brand, product, or service. HubSpot is known as an authority in the inbound marketing space, and the certification is perfect for those that want to stay up to date on the best practices.

The course consists of seven modules that cover everything you need to know, including the fundamentals of inbound, creating buyer personas, and understanding the buyer’ journey.

Anyone can take the course and exam, and anyone interested in digital marketing should have this topic mastered.

UrlHubSpot Academy 
Cost: Free
Duration: 2 ½ Hour

7) Stanford University’s Machine Learning Certification

Artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed the way we go about social media, SEO, data, and content marketing. The trend is bucking upward and AI here to stay, so you might as well get familiar with it.

The machine learning course through Stanford University, from the former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain, is one of the most subscribed courses on Coursera. It is the perfect introduction to machine learning and covers a broad range of best practices.

Unfortunately, the certificate does not represent official academic credit from Stanford University.

Cost: Enroll for free
Duration: 11-week course

8) Deep Learning Specialization Certification

Another fantastic course from Coursera related to AI is the Deep Learning Specialization course by and The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. It was developed to teach the fundamentals of deep learning.

By the end of the five courses, you will have a working knowledge of convolutional networks, RNNs, LSTM, Adam, Dropout, BatchNorm, Xavier/He initialization and more. Keep in mind, this course is best for marketers with some related experience and may be too advanced for beginners.

We suggest completing the Introductory Machine Learning Course from Stanford and Coursera before moving on to the Deep Learning Specialization courses.

The importance of AI will only increase, which means the knowledge you obtain in this course will be beneficial for years to come.

Cost: Enroll for Free
Duration: 3 months

9) Twitter Flight School Certification

Learn how to make a lasting impression on Twitter’s 330 million users with Twitter Flight School.

Twitter provides two separate ‘paths’ to help digital marketers gain traction and start advertising on the platform. The Marketing Leadership program is perfect for those looking to explore larger business opportunities on the social network. It consists of five 10-15 minutes courses, meaning the entire program takes approximately one hour to complete. The Executive Leadership course is for those looking to enhance their personal brand and takes only 10 minutes

Twitter Flight School boasts best practices and real-life scenarios from businesses to help digital marketers better integrate the social platform into their work. Simply log in with your Twitter account to gain access to the two individual courses.

UrlTwitter Flight School 
Cost: Free
Duration: 60 minutes for the Marketing Leadership program and 10 minutes for the Executive Leadership course

10) Quintly Social Media Analytics Course

You may run the best social campaign ever, but you’ll never be able to track or report your goals without a general knowledge of analytics.

This digital marketing course from Quintly Academy covers all of the basic principles of social media analytics that’s perfect for beginners or qualified marketers looking for a refresher. Quintly’s online course teaches you how to track and measure your performance goals on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Instagram, and more.

As a digital marketing agency managing multiple social campaigns, we understand the importance of a marketer who knows his or her way around analytics. The ability to back up your strategy with numbers is an extremely valuable skill for a social media marketer. it gives you credibility and a way to back up all of your decisions and base them off of concrete tangible data.

UrlQuintly Academy
Cost: Free
Duration: Work at your own pace

 11) Bing Ads Certification

You probably weren’t expecting to see anything related to Bing on this list, but the search engine still provides some value to online marketers.

While it is definitely not the largest search engine, Bing saw some growth stemming from its acquisition of Yahoo and integration capabilities with Microsoft digital marketing tools. Bing’s accredidatin program teaches you how to maximize your ROI when advertising on the platform. Best of all it’s completely free!

To complete the certificate program, simply take the free courses at your own pace to prepare for the exam. You then have unlimited time to finish the free Bing Ads accreditation exam and obtain a score of 80% or higher to pass.

UrlBing Training
Cost: Free
Duration: Work at your own pace

12) SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

The SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course will help you make the most of the SEMrush suite of digital marketing tools. The lesson plan includes 14 exclusive video lessons prepared by a team of SEMrush professionals consisting of modules like learning, building, and measuring on the platform. Best of all, you’ll become a proficient SEMrush SEO user in only 3 hours and the course is 100% free. Furthermore, users can study the materials and dive deeper into topics as well as quiz yourself on what you’ve learned.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’re ready to take and hopefully pass the SEMrush Certification Exam for SEOs. This certification tests you on all aspects of the SEMrush Toolkit course, covering research, building campaigns, and measuring success.

Url: SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

Cost: Free

Duration: 3-5 hours

13) The Unbounce Landing Page Course

Learn all about landing pages from Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner in an actionable course. Follow along with step-by-step instructional videos in order to help you create your very own landing pages. The separate modules include landing page fundamentals, page architecture, call to action design, lead capture forms, landing page copywriting, and more.

We recommend this program for all entrepreneurs looking to increase conversions without spending any extra money. Best of all, the course is self-paced so you can complete it as fast or slow as you want.

Url: Unbounce

Cost: Free

Duration: Self-Paced

14) HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

The HubSpot Email Marketing Certification course teaches aspiring marketers how to generate an email marketing strategy that will help grow your business, and maybe even your career. You’ll learn everything from contact management and segmentation to deliverables and analyzing email sends. By the end of the program, you should be able to structure an email marketing strategy that works for humans and provides you with the information you need. The entire course consists of 9 lessons, 27 videos, and 9 quizzes that result in a presentable certificate upon completion. Get started on this free course today!

Url: HubSpot

Cost: Free

Duration: 3 1/2 hours

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