Digital marketing training

Our curriculum is designed and updated by the content panel of over 50 experts from across the digital marketing industry; combining the endorsements & suggestions by 450 knowledgeable corporates across Asia. The curriculum has been created after surveying job requirements of over small and big digital marketing agencies and corporate houses with in-house digital marketing wings to provide hands-on training with a mix of practical, research and assignments.


The dCOMP Practitioner program is specifically designed to help you acquire targeted proficiencies to become a successful digital marketing practitioner. The digital marketing training program is segmented into 6 goal-focus sections that comprise 25 imperative digital marketing modules.


Through this Certified Digital Marketing Practitioner Program, we offer the best Digital Marketing Course to you via. Classroom-Live and Online live classes, that will provide you with a lot of opportunities to learn, craft & explore your own strategies.

Curriculum: Digital Marketing Course

This program is suitable for anyone whether a Job Seeker, Entrepreneur, Working Professional, or Business Owner who is looking to grasp the digital marketing practitioner skills required for building an amazing career in the Digital Marketing Domain.

Module 1: Marketing Foundation
History of Marketing
Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
Module 2: Digital Marketing Ecosystem
The Current Opportunity
Digital Marketing Channels, Career & Consumer Journey

Module 3 Digital Consumer Behaviour

digital consumer Journey

Understanding Online business Goals
Module 4: Digital Visibility Strategy
Website Planning
Local Visibility
Social Media Visibility
Module 5: Online Lead Strategy
Need of Online Advertising & Types
Media Buying Principles
Nurturing & Lead Funnels