Which is Best Portable Mobile Wifi Device Available in India?

What is Mobile Wifi Device?

A Mobile Wifi device allows us to connect multiple Wi-Fi devices to a single portable router and allow us to browse the net wherever we go.

This allows you to connect your Smart Phones , Tables and other Wi-Fi devices to it as you would any wireless router. The difference is you’re connecting over a cellular connection rather than a broadband network, but 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) devices can be just as fast as many home Wi-Fi networks.

The benefits of a mobile hotspot

You can connect multiple devices: Some Mobile Wi Fi devices let you connect 30 or more devices to a single hotspot, which will work out a lot cheaper than paying for a mobile data plan for each of those devices.

You can connect Wi-Fi-only devices to a mobile data connection: Tablets are great to use at home, but what about on the train, on the beach or by the pool? Wherever you can get a phone signal, you can use Mobile Wi Fi to create a wireless network and get online from any Wi-Fi device.

You can save money on your next tablet: Buying a tablet with a 4G data connection adds around Rs.3000 to the price, and that’s before you consider the monthly fee for your data. Use some of that money to buy a Mobile Wi Fi router instead and you’ll never need to buy a 4G tablet again, nor base your purchasing decision on whether a cellular option is available.

You can reduce roaming charges: Most mobile operators offer fixed-fee roaming when you’re abroad, allowing you to take your home tariff with you for a set cost. Rather than paying this extra charge on all your devices, turn off data roaming on them and connect them all to a mobile hotspot. You’ll pay this charge only once, but get all your devices online.

You can avoid using slow hotel Wi-Fi: In a similar vein, for those hotels that still charge for Wi-Fi, you can get the kids online all day and at a lower cost than what the hotel would charge. Better still, you can avoid using the same network as all the other guests, which is usually slow and often has poor signal in your hotel room.

You can add 4G connectivity to a 3G device: If you’re still using a phone that doesn’t support 4G networks, Mobile Wi Fi allows you to speed up your mobile internet connection.

You can get faster download speeds: Even if your device already supports 4G, you could potentially get faster download and upload speeds by switching to a Mobile Wi Fi that supports a faster connection.

You can share storage across your own mobile network: If your Mobile Wi Fi supports a microSD card, you can share that storage across all your devices, which is especially handy if they don’t support expandable storage themselves. Then another think is you can save you battery power of your mobile phones and lablets as WiFi uses less battery than your cellular data usage.

Which is the best mobile Wifi router?

When it comes to choosing a Mobile WiFi device, you have two options:

  1. You can get a free or low-price router from a mobile operator in return for a fixed monthly subscription
  2. You can buy a network-unlocked router to which you add a data-only SIM of your choice, with much lower monthly payments,

Which is Best Portable Mobile Wifi Device Available in India?


A total of 32 devices can be connected to internet using this hotspot, out of which 31 can be Wifi connected, and 1 would be USB tethering, just like a mobile phone. Its battery life on Wifi usage would be approx 5 hours, which is the reason why I love using USB tethering, as it keeps battery charged.
LYF-powered JioFi is a portable broadband device brought to you by Reliance Digital. JioFi device allows multiple users and mobile devices to access Jio’s 4G LTE connectivity and create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Features Enjoy 4G features on 2G/3G smart phones, True 4G speed – download speed up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps, Make video and HD voice calls, audio and video conference, send SMS with Jio 4G voice app, Recommended to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices (smartphone, laptops, tablets and even smart TVs) & Best in class battery (2300mAh) supports up to 6 hours of surf time.

Product Details:

  • Enjoy 4G features on 2G/3G smart phones
  • True 4G speed – download speed up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps
  • Make video and HD voice calls, audio and video conference, send SMS with Jio 4G voice app
  • Recommended to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices (smartphone, laptops, tablets and even smart TVs)
  • Best in class battery (2300mAh) supports up to 6 hours of surf time

The JioFi  switches on to create a Wi-Fi signal of its own. You can use the password printed on the device below where the battery goes in to log in to this network from any device and start browsing. Once you are logged in, open jiofi.local.html/ on your browser to log into the admin panel and change the password.

This is recommended for security reasons and also for the fact that you would otherwise be struggling to remember the password. If you are using the JioFI to store stuff using a micro-SD card, this is also managed using the same console.

Speed Test

Most of us will primarily buy a JioFI device to tap into the high-speed internet, at least initially. So speed is the crucial thing here. When tested the JioFI primarily on a Android smartphone, the Apple I phone 8 and on a MacBook Air. On a Ookha speed test, the numbers were really good, clocking over 30Mbps download speeds at most locations. There is a bit of variation depending on where you are, but the lowest I clocked in Delhi NCR was around 15Mbps.

Battery Life

The JioFI has a decent 2300 mAh battery that lasts you an entire day with active usage. It charges up within an hour. There is a LED indicator on the device to give you an idea of the battery levels.

Pros :

  • Wirless so its available always no cable connectivity issue work in all weather conditions.
  • High speed for a wireless device, (Best 50.56 mbps download)
  • Service is responsive enough for online gaming or video calling, etc. (Best 22ms ping)
  • Lots of devices can be connected, upto 32 total, and speed is more than sufficient,
  • Unlimited calling, internet, SMS can be used on non 4G phones too,
  • Charger supplied, MicroUSB cord long enough, and can be used with phones,
  • 2300 Mah Battery, so ultra portable & good battery life & standby times,
  • Jio has a host of other service like music, movies, TV, etc which are complimentary for its users,
  • Purchase schemes by Jio, like Home Delivery of JioFi 2 in now available for Just Rs.999/-
  • Card Reader works with both Wifi & USB,Cons:
  • Common wireless device demerits, like speed depends on time of the day, etc.
  • Supports IP v6 by default, which is generally a merit, but privacy concerns are there, (you can disable IPv6),
  • Totally dependant on Jio’s 4G service, won’t work in 3G/2G supported areas,
  • MicroSD card write speed is average, seems to be USB 2.0 only,
  • The glossy front of the JioFi 2 is scratch prone, looks wrecked within a few days.Conclusion
    Overall, JioFI is a very useful device and every home should have one.

Also recommend for  anyone who needs internet in urban locations, for the most common uses of internet. Specially those who share internet with other users and need lots of data.

JioFi M2S 150Mbps Wireless 4G Portable Data + Voice Device for Rs. 999 only

JioFi Mobile WiFi Router Wireless 4G Portable Data + Voice Device